White border when exporting

Hi there,

I am playing around with the Web Export tool and when I export an artboard I will have this white border on the right side and on the buttom:

I have used various settings so far, but nothing really worked.

The artboard currently has one field 1400px times 800 px. It seems like the body / html is scaled to 1440px. Why is that and how can I stop this behaviour?

Also in the documentation I have found some options (e.g. Center Horizontally) within the export settings, which are missing in my case. Might there be something wrong with the installation?

Thank you and best regards,

Hi the center horizontally has been moved to the element options panel. Select the artboards and then open the element options and you will see it there.

The white border is the unused space provided by the browser windows being wider than your design.

You can address this a few ways. Centering is one option. You can also use the scaling options. Selecting scale to fit or scale to width should expand the design up to fill available space.

There are other options where you can have the design fill all available space by setting width to 100%. This takes more work at first.

IIRC There should be an example in the video series (new responsive video) and the instructions guide.

Depending on what your goal is responsive design might be overkill. If you get stuck at any point post back here. I don’t remember if there is a specific guide on doing width 100% designs.