Web Export Plug in not working when trying to export Adobe XD design files


I am using windows and I’ve read some other articles that instructed me to restart my computer, reinstall Creative Cloud, and then reinstalled Adobe XD, but nothing is working with the recent update I made to Adobe XD and the Web Export plug in.

  • The plug in does not show up in the plug in panel anymore.
  • The plug in shows up in the top toolbar under Plugins > Web Export , but when I click " Export Artboard " nothing happens.

Please advise what could be the issue as reinstalling everything is not working. Adobe XD is not recognizing the plugin anymore.


Same problem here…plugin wasn’t showing in the plugins panel. please respond @velara .

Same problem plugin not working

Same Problem i cant solve this :frowning: @velara

Hi everyone,

It looks like a broken version of Web Export was published to the Plugin Market.

I’ve contacted the marketplace to get the previous version one restored while we figure out the problem.

FYI if any plugin (not just plugins here) does not work as expected Go to Plugins > Development > Developer Console and you may see an error listed.

So how soon will the problem be resolved ? @velara

The updates were applied not long ago but it is up to the plugin update process. Please check the plugin manager for the latest changes and see if anything has shown up.