Web Export - Example Projects

This page lists some example projects that can be used to show features, verify features work properly and can be used as starter projects.


There are quite a few and more will be added. If there are any you don’t see but would like to, mention them in a reply. If you’d like a guide on a certain feature mention it in a reply.

Adobe XD version 18.1 or greater

The links below will take you to a Github page that looks like the following:
Click on the XD project name and it will load another page with a Download button like shown below:

Feature Examples

  • Defining Tag Names - Link
  • Adding Additional Classes - Link
  • Adding Additional Styles - Link
  • Adding Additional Attributes - Link
  • Using the Markup Before and After - Link
  • Using the Markup Inside - Link
  • Exporting an external Stylesheet - Link
  • Using Templates - Link
  • Defining Hyperlink styles for the page - Link
  • Verifying Expect Output with Differences page - Link
  • Creating an ordered or unordered List
  • Removing the body tag (set tag to none)

Starter Projects

  • Single Page site - A single page with links to the locations on the same page
  • Single Page site - A single page with fixed header menu
  • Single Page Application - A page with multiple artboards and links to show each view
  • Slide Show - A single page with navigation between each artboard
  • Multiple Page site - Multiple pages with links between them
  • WordPress - Static site (theme) - Video Link
  • WordPress - Single post site (theme) - Link
  • WordPress - Multiple page site (theme) - Link
  • YouTube - Embedding a YouTube video - video - link
  • Single page site showing artboards by size of screen
  • Single page site resizing to screen
  • Single page site showing elements by size of screen
  • Single page site scaling to fit the view
  • PayPal starter page
  • Unsemantic starter page
  • Angular starter page
  • React starter page
  • Apache Royale page - video
  • Discourse - Export a theme