Web Export Example Packs - Edition 01 available now

Web Export examples are here.

The examples package describes and shows how to use features in Web Export and includes starter projects.

This first package includes the following:

  • Identity: The identity attribute or id defines a unique name of an element.
  • Tag Name: The tag name and sub tag name fields allow you to define the tag names of the exported elements.
  • Styles: Additional styles provide a way to define or modify the styles of an element.
  • Classes: Additional classes provide a way to define a group of styles or properties for one or more elements.
  • Attributes: Additional attributes provide a way to set the attributes of an element to adjust or configure their behavior.
  • Markup inside: Markup inside is a powerful method to add HTML content inside the element tag.
  • Markup before and after: Markup before and after provides a way to add HTML before and after an element.
  • Hover Effects: Hover effects provide a way to add interactivity or behaviors to one or more elements
  • Scale: Scaling provides a way to fit content to the available space
  • Materialize Pack 1: Materialize CSS uses the principles of Material Design to create effective UI and UX components. 20 examples are included
  • YouTube: This examples provides examples embedding a YouTube video
  • Twitter: This example provides an example embedding a Twitter post or Twitter feed

If there are examples that you would like to see post them here.

XD 21.1 or newer
Web Export 3.0.3 or newer
Some examples require JavaScript enabled

Link to purchase is here and includes WebExport 3.0.3 plugin. WebExport 3.0.3 is also in the Plugin Manager.