How to keep the same html template the same on all pages

i was wondering if i can make It so when i make a new page its automatically imports my HTML template

Hmm… I don’t think so but that seems like a good feature. I might turn this into a feature request.

At one time there was the idea of being able to select an external html template but it was put on hold because you would have select the template each time you opened a new project. Or you had to put the template in the export directory. These were plug-in limitations.

If you wanted to specify your own html page you could do so but it works be written to the plug-in user directory on that local machine.

There was also the idea of saving multiple html templates and you could then pick the one you wanted from the a list box.

just want something to make the process easier tbh having to paste everything in each artboard is annoying

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Indeed. There is a macro to copy settings from one object to the other object that might help.

Open the macros view and then select both artboards. Then run the Copy macro. If you have specific settings it will copy those over so maybe create an origin or source artboard to copy to other artboards.

Also, you can select multiple artboards at the same time and then edit the template and it will be saved to all of them.