Dropdown menu problems

so i am trying to export my dropdown menu but everytime I export its doesn’t work, idk why I checked the forum and there is a responsive web guide but I cant find it I tried to check the gitbook but all the images would not load and I put the CSS in

Web Export exports the graphics, not the form components.

But you can change that by updating the markup inside property with the code that you want.

Check out the forms example project

Here is example Select code you might use

so i used the hover menu thing but my home button no longer works

It sounds like you might have a typo somewhere. Remove the code you just added and see if the home button works again. If it does that means there is something in the code that is askew.

Do you mind posting the code here?

Remember the markup inside code replaces the entire selected layer. If there is an error any object created after it in the document will be affected.

sorry for the late response but its the same as the one in creating a hover menu tutorial in the gitbook