Advanced export panel - changes not saving?


XD version 45.0.62
Web Export 7.4.0

It seems that some changes on the Advanced export panel are not saving?

These are the ones I’ve noticed:

  • None of the templates (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Expected outputs (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)


That may be related to this issue:

I’ve read there is an update available or update absolve soon that fixes that. I’m the mean time I’ll run some tests and see if I can reproduce it.

Are you on Win or Mac?
Is it possible to downgrade to XD44 test if XD45 introduced the issue?

I’m on Windows 10 (Version 10.0.19043 Build 19043)

I installed XD and downloaded latest Web Export. Still no change.

Is there any way manually hack the CSS template? I really need to export a batch of artboards with CSS pre-defined for fonts and it’s a pain not able to set the template…

And is there still no way to define settings for ALL selected artboards?

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You should be able to select all the artboards and edit the css template in the properties panel.

Still looking into it but you can also try the macro, “Copy preferences or settings to selected items”.

Select the all the relevant artboards and then open the macros panel (in the element options panel) and then click apply. It will copy the preferences from the first (or last?) item to all the other selected items. You can use undo if it is reversed and try again.

Applying Macros

You can also append values if they are already set:

For example, if you have CSS styles already defined in a target item and the source item has CSS styles defined then the append method will append the new source values.

Select the source artboard and then select artboards then click Run. Or to run the alternative macro click the alternative icon.