Web Export version 3.4.8 - November Release Notes

Quick overview of 3.4.8 release notes (out now):

  • Inheriting prototype links
  • Added apply prototype hyperlink button
  • Added icon for hyperlink type
  • Can open export dialog while in edit context
  • Fixed empty class tag added to artboard
  • Set scale on resize default to true
  • Fixed Scale to fit disclosure icon not showing on windows
  • Added flex box support to artboard view
  • Added more Single Page Application APIs
  • Added showViewByMediaQuery()
  • Added showOverlay(), removeOverlay(), goBack(), hideView()
  • Added reverseAnimation()
  • Added goToTargetView()
  • Added crossFade(), fadeIn(), fadeOut(), getReverseAnimation(), getElement(), scaleViewIfNeeded()
  • Renamed addState to addView
  • Renamed hasState to hasView
  • Renamed goToState to goToView

The big thing in this release is Inheriting prototype links.

What that means is that if you wire up a prototype in Adobe XD those links will be inherited when you export.

Important Note: If you export and Multipage is set then inherited prototype links point to a page. If you export and Single Page Application is set then inherited prototype links point to a view.

You can use the new detach prototype link to detach a prototype link.

A view is the name for an artboard that has been exported to a page.
An element is the name for graphic primitive or component in Adobe XD that has been exported to the page.

Graphic primitives are Rectangle, Ellipse, Text, Polygon, etc and components are symbols.