Web Export version 3.4.0 - Release Notes

Current features in available or in progress for 3.4.0:

  • Rotation support - rotated objects now export correctly (except groups and there is a work around for that)
  • Export selected artboards - choose the artboards you want to have exported instead of only one or all
  • Auto export Single page applications - currently auto export only exports the current page. with auto export all pages or artboards will be exported on change
  • Global project settings - currently each artboard has it’s own set of settings. this is great for reasons but if you want to have auto export enabled and you have a single page application and you make changes on another artboard then the artboard that has your settings then the wrong artboard is exported. marking an artboard as the main project settings and all other artboards will use it.
  • Inherit links to other artboards automatically from prototype
  • support for some transitions

awesome! these features will make it a lot better to use!

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