Web Export version 1.1.3 and 1.1.4 and 1.2.0

Here is a mostly full list of what to look forward to in the next version of Web Export.

New Features

  • Refresh Page on Change - If you export a web page locally and you have it opened in your browser the page will refresh. When is this good? If you are making changes and previewing them in multiple browsers the page in each browser will be updated to show your changes.

  • Export all artboards - If you have a multiple artboards this option will export all of them all at once.

  • Export all artboards to a single page - If you want to export all artboards to a single page you can do that now. Navigation and keyboard controls are added to the page so you can move through each artboard.

  • Overflow - If you want to add scroll bars to your artboard or hide content that extends past your artboard then you can use this option to change that behavior.

  • Scale to fit (New) - With this option enabled an artboard that is larger than the browser viewport is scaled to fit. You can also scale to fit on double click, when the browser is resized and restore the scale to the actual size on double click.

  • Alternative Font - It became apparent that people are using their favorite fonts for their designs. When you export to the web, for the design to look the same, the viewer has to have the same font installed on their computer. If they don’t the font the browser uses a default font and the default font is not always positioned correctly. This option provides a way for you to set a list of alternative fonts.

  • Easier Exporting - Exporting involves selecting an export location directly (API limitation). This currently involves multiple clicks. But now, after opening the dialog you can repeatedly press enter and you will eventually export.

  • Repeat Last Export - If you are frequently making changes and checking you can use this new menu item to export to the same location without showing a dialog. Assign a key combination to this and exporting becomes a snap.

  • Additional Items

    • Added open folder and open localhost links after export (not supported in Windows)
    • Added support for showing last modified date (turn Auto Refresh on & name any text field “LastModifiedDateLabel”)
    • Export no fonts at all by setting alternative fonts to “none” then set font-family in artboard styes
    • Added link to forums in the menu
    • Added Live Export to export on option change (experimental). Click the header to enable or disable.
    • Added Export Last Artboard to menu (assign a keyboard shortcut to export)

Fixed Issues

  • Some exported images used the same name
  • Some created ids were not unique causing pages to display incorrectly
  • Some text was removed when it contained “$1” inside
  • Page has higher fidelity with text positioning
  • Page has higher fidelity in Windows browsers
  • Fixed straight lines not being exported
  • Fixed images not showing in Safari
  • Fixed rare cases of duplicate ids when exporting a plethora of artboards

Known Issues

  • Scale slider is not fully support on legacy browsers (no support for input range controls)
  • Scale slider tool tip has no support in MS browsers

All this new features look great, thanks!

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Any estimated date for the release?

The estimate is five to ten days.

Version 1.1.3 had a missing icon pack so the next released version will be 1.1.4. Release is delayed 5 days.


  • Rotation - initial support for rotation in all elements.
  • Drop Shadow filter - added drop shadow
  • Blur Filter - added blur for objects
  • Styles consolidated - Common styles for text lines are now consolidated
  • Page Refresh Notification - When auto refresh is on a notification will display after page reload
  • Exporting HiDPI images - Exports now include @2x images

Fixed issues:

  • fixed pasteboard items being exported
  • shortened numbers in numerous places
  • exporting boolean groups as paths (solves some rotation issues)
  • added scene node name and type to elements
  • fixed line breaks in some text

Version 1.1.4 is online.

A few issues were found on Windows.

Known Windows Issues

  • Copy to URL not working
  • No instructions message
  • Dialog is cut off on some screens
  • Save renditions errors (cause unknown)
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Version 1.2.0 is online.


  • Redirect url for limitation on windows preventing links to anything but http
  • Added image comparison option
  • Added option to disable data names
  • Reduced size of dialogs for smaller screens
  • Fixed both checkboxes being triggered
  • Disabling export button while exporting
  • Made messages window to show on click
  • Added file size next to file name in messages window
  • Added line spacing back in
  • Added sourceset to export images of higher resolution images
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STILL waiting on a fix for the Save Renditions Error

What errors are you getting? What platform?

There was a bug in Adobe XD related to renditions on Windows that someone said was fixed recently.

Please post the errors, the operating system, XD version and if you can post project so I can reproduce.

I get many “Save Renditions Error: ImageName_bs@2x.png: io.failed” where ImageName is pretty much every image within the design.

I am on Windows 10 Pro (updates are all current) with Adobe Xd - running update on Xd now…

Let me know if the Adobe XD update fixes it. It says 28.9.12 is the current version. If you can send a project that creates the error.

Sorry, I had replied via email but it seems to have not posted, here is the copypasta:

"Updating Xd fixed the export errors, I was so frustrated because it was the latest release when I had created it. They must have had an update literally right after I had worked on it. Thank you for that much so far…

Now new problems arise, of course: on the output files, the “return to previous artboard” [line #2546: …“application.goBack()”…] links do not function and “fix position when scrolling” [line #36: position: absolute;] does not work.

I’ve attached the html file sans graphics, the output appears to be correct, but it isn’t functioning as expected. Does this seem like a plugin issue or maybe I’m just going to have to do my own coding for these situations?

Thanks again for your help

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Yeah, I don’t know if the reply by email works. Glad the export errors are fixed.

The go to previous artboard might only work when you use single page application. I only see one view in your HTML page. The hyperlinks that are created depend on if you have multi-page or single page selected in the artboard. Are you doing multiple pages or a single? Open the artboard and check that setting.

I can’t do too much with only the HTML page. Sometimes I need the project to reproduce (all sensitive material removed of course). Or I need step by step to reproduce.