Web Export - Next possible feature list plan

Here are some possible feature and bug fixes for February:

  • Fix for multiple artboards of the same size in show by media query export
  • Add a user defined ante path to images (prefix)
  • Add support to add a directory to exported images
  • Fix Scale Dropdown on Windows
  • Adding built in support for PWA
  • Hide Scale preferences by default
  • Update examples
  • Add documentation on various websites architectures (SPA, static, responsive, etc)
  • Option to check for existing page template vs overwrite
  • Adding sub directory support to css and js and page

If you don’t see something on this list that you would like to please add a note or link to it

4.3.0 Feature List:

  • Fixed css and js filenames using extension when using custom file names
  • Added tokens for file list using and
  • Added formatting to total image size export message
  • Fixed Scale to Fit not showing completely
  • Added Blend Mode support
  • Can disable 2x image to all images on artboard or single image (beta)
  • Added images export folder (beta)
  • Added embed images option to artboard (beta)
  • Added color limit when using embedded images
  • Can add path value before images

Fixed css and js filenames
When you use a custom export name like, “Index.php” and using external option the external CSS file might be named index_php.css. This fixes it so the name is index.css.

Added File List tokens
There are some cases where you want to have a list of all files exported. For example, Progressive Web Apps require you to list files that you want cached. You can use the tokens to get a list

Use and in the HTML template.

The first token list is a list of names separated by commas, the second is a list of names with quotes around them separated by commas.

Scale to Fit not showing
Some users are not seeing the Scale dropdown list. This is a fix for that.

Blend Mode support
Scenes now have blend modes applies like luminosity and color as shown here


More Images Support

Disable 2x image export
By default double sized images are exported when exporting. These provide a sharper image for mobile visitors and on some hi-dpi screens. You can turn this option off on a per image basis in the element options or on an artboard basis. If you set the artboard option it overrules any element options at this time.

Embed Images
You can now embed images inline using a data URI base64 encoding. That means the image is encoded into the HTML markup. There is no external image created. This option is in the element options and can be set on the entire artboard. The artboard option overrules any specific image options at this time.

It also comes with a color limit option that limits the number of colors in the image. This reduces the size of the embedded images. Check the export messages for the embedded images sizes or check the HTML page size.

Set an Image folder
If you have a lot of images it can clutter up the export directory. You can now add a export folder for images.

Set an image prefix path
If you upload your page to a server and that page is not on the root directory image source paths can break. Using this option you can set the sub directory that the images are part of and that value will be added to before the image path.