Web Export Macros - What macros would you use or need with Web Export?

Macro support is coming to Web Export soon.

This is to make creating web pages easier, obviously.

For example, I was asked how to make a page grow vertically. By default, all the elements on an artboard have explicit width and height (except some text labels). For an element to grow it can’t have an explicit height set.

So to fix this you would set the height to auto or using the sizing dropdown you would select the width option (meaning that you only want the width to be defined when the element is exported.

So if you have a “Allow element to grow in height” macro and you click on it then the selected element it would have its sizing option set to width. You wouldn’t have to know this bit of technical info to know how to make an element grow in height you would have a command to do it.

Or for example, if you have a stack and you want everything in the stack to be growable you could run a command,. “Make stack growable” and the stack and the elements in the stack would have all the necessary properties changed in one go.

Or another example, if you make WordPress themes then you know that you have to add some PHP code around some elements to indicate “the loop” area, the blog post listings. You could have a command that adds PHP code to element.

Whatever it is that you are doing a bunch of times you can automate and make it into a macro or command.

So for version one please post what you would like to see. It may be possible to be able to add your own at some point in the future. They don’t even have to do with anything with Web Export.

You could have a command, “Position this element 10 from the top and 10 from the left edge”.