Web Export 6.2.2 - May Release

This update brings potential fixes for hidden dropdown icons.

  • Fixed chevrons to alignment dropdown
  • Make dropdowns icon clickable

Previous new version announcements were lost so including changes here:


  • Fixed error when linking artboard when element panel is closed
  • Fixed error when exporting JPG images


  • not showing position values for artboard
  • fixed case where embedding was not working sometimes
  • added option anchor left, top, bottom, right when shift clicking
  • joined text ids and text tokens into same row
  • moved display to own row for all elements
  • added visual indicators of changed properties
  • added changed properties button
  • can reset multiple items at a time
  • can set properties on multiple items at a time
  • added anchor positions into element panel
  • fixed display option not being set for some options
  • added support to add your own tag names (open plugin folder > create addons folder > create tagnames.txt file > add tagnames on separate lines)


  • removed navigation buttons from element dialog
  • reduced height of element panel
  • made element panel rows wrap
  • fixed bug where help link did not open up documentation
  • added multiple selection support for a few properties
  • fixed image bugs with template
  • added Image source template tokens

If you can’t open the dropdown list items in the panels this update should fix it.

Add your own Tag names
Want to add your own tag names to the tag name drop down? It’s simple:

  • In Adobe XD open plugin folder
  • Go to the Web Export plugin
  • Create an “addons” folder
  • Create a tagnames.txt file
  • Add each tag name you’d like to add to the file each on separate lines