Web Export 4.2.0 - December Part II

Features and bug fixes

  • Fixed case of centering not working when scaling is not enabled
  • Started work on background image support
  • Dispatching application resize event in JavaScript
  • Fixed go to artboard & show overlay interactions from bubbling up when another interaction is underneath
  • Fixed pop up overlays not removed when going to another artboard
  • Added can center horizontal and can center vertical methods
  • Changed submit and cancel buttons in Export Artboard dialog from hyperlinks to divs
  • Removed header in element panel
  • Added navigation buttons to move from element to element in a group or drill down
  • Hiding form components when not needed
  • Made two group layout buttons for column and row
  • Fixed default overflow not updating on new selection
  • Fixed image options not showing for some elements
  • Using heuristics to set default overflow of text boxes
  • Checking if export option is false for artboards to prevent export of artboards
  • Added support to export Web Export version number in the template using generator_version token
  • Added support to check display options for artboards
  • Fixed interactions not added on artboards or ellipses
  • Fixed drop shadow not added for lines
  • Fixed default overflow option not being set on paths
  • Fixed interactions not set on rectangles
  • Fixed overflow default not set on text
  • Added basic support for SLIDE animations and to turn off animations
  • Added isOverlay to artboard CSS variables
  • Not setting CSS body background color
  • Updated scene node icons in UI
  • Added more overlay support in JavaScript with collectOverlays, overlays property
  • Added fade in overlay support
  • Fixed layout shortcut methods to exclude artboards

Navigation Shortcut buttons

Reminder: Animation support is experimental at this time but it is on by default. Use the following style declaration in a code block to disable animation between artboards.

:root {
  --web-enable-animations: false;

Two new layout buttons for aligning items in a group in a column or row