Web Export 4.1.2 - December Release notes

Quick overview of 4.1.0 release notes (in release):

  • Exporting rectangles as divs instead of svg rect except when rotated
  • Exporting rectangles with image fills as img instead of svg rect
  • Fixed error when using visible toggle on artboard
  • Fixed group layout list not updating on new selection
  • Using base 62 for shorter unique names
  • Added viewChange event when view is changed
  • Fixed view variables not set in some cases
  • Fixed multiple artboards exported with single page application enabled
  • Fixed scaling not working when element display is flex
  • Enabled tap target animation (experimental)
  • Added getAnimationDuration, setElementAnimation API
  • Fixed linear gradients using duplicate IDs

To enable or disable animation between views (exported artboards on the page) use the CSS variable. By default animations are enabled if they are enabled in the prototype.

For now disable animations using the following code block:

:root {
  --web-enable-animations: false;