Web Export 2.5.1, 2.5.2 and 2.6.0 Release Features

Here are some upcoming features to look forward to in the next version:

External Stylesheets

Instead of having the styles in the page header you can export them to an external stylesheet.

This feature is also available to export the JavaScript that’s sometimes needed to an external file.

Stylesheet template

Sometimes you want to control the placement of the exported styles and add your own separately. Now you can use the stylesheet template to do that.

This feature also is available for the exported JavaScript.

Validation of exported output

With the expected output option you can verify that the exported code is the same as the expected output. This is similar to providing a way to create your own unit test.


  • Unit tests
  • When sharing a document you can see changes
  • Review changes made by exporter versions

When a document has expected output set and the exported output does not match what you’ve entered into the expected output window a diff file is created and a link to that diff file is created.

Opening the diff fill will show you a list of changes. You can press the enter key to scroll through each change.

Scale Up

With the scale to fit feature the page will scale down to fit the available view port of the browser. But it does not scale up to fit all available space. So it will be actual size or smaller.

The scale up feature scales the artboard to fit all available space.

Feature List (2.5.1 - available now):

  • decreased refresh duration from 2 seconds to 250 ms
  • fixed case where regex to get view preference was not working in Brave
  • fixed slider button being clipped
  • moved previous artboard and next artboard icons
  • added external stylesheet option
  • set stylesheet name and extension
  • added stylesheet template
  • added verify stylesheet
  • added external script option
  • set script name and extension
  • added script template
  • added verify script
  • fixed cases where more details view would not save value
  • added icon when expected output is verified
  • showing artboard and element settings in more details view
  • fix adding additional styles to text
  • updated default html template
  • Showing link to diff file when diff is created
  • Diff page can now cycle through changes by pressing enter key
  • Added diff verified icon when output matches expected output
  • grouped constraint options
  • added support for date tokens

2.5.2 (available now)

  • can add, remove some or all styles. in styles field:
    -all removes all styles
    -width removes width style
    -left removes left style
    -all;top;left; removes all styles except width and height

The use an external stylesheet, stylesheet template and diff features are experimental. Please report any issues you find.

2.6.0 (available now):

Common tags list lists common tags for adding things like metadata:



<div id="Hello_world">
	<span>Hello world</span>


	<div id="Hello_world">
		<span>Hello world</span>
  • Increased duration of quick export notification
  • Increased opacity of dropdown list helpers icon
  • Updated UI to work with UXP changes
  • Added a dropdown list of common tags that can wrap markup
  • Fixed bug where next artboard and previous artboard threw error
  • Fixed bug when using reset button in element options
  • Added current artboard position and total number of artboards in name
  • Showing header for diff sections when there are script differences
  • Added option so you can export application script if template is set
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