Vertical and Horizontal Scroll

Frame should scroll in the screen vertically or Horizontally.While exporting that functionality is not working.Due to that content be losing with Web Export Plugin.Don’t you mind anyone know to sort out this one how to fix?

Is it in a group? I believe that some of the new group features aren’t supported automatically but it might not be that issue.

If you want to enable vertical scroll bar look at the overflow property:

Select the item you want to have scroll bars, then in the Element Options panel select the overflow option.

If that doesn’t work do you mind sending me an example project? I’ll take a look and see what it takes to get it to work.

Hi Support,
Thanks for your time.I tried out what have you mentioned above that is not worked for us.I attached the sample xd file please find below:
Preview Link:
Dummy (
XD File:
Dummy .xd (880.2 KB)
Could you please update us as soon as possible?
Thanks in Advance

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Select the scroll group and then set overflow to “auto”.


Thanks Yeah Its working fine.It means a lot :relaxed: