Unexpected UI behaviour of export all

some strange UI related things that confused me a lot when starting to use this plugin:

-“Export Multiple” does not work when no artboard is selected
-“Export Multiple” button opens a window with the name “Export All”
-the “Export All” window still has the artboard selection in the top right corner. the export settings depend on the artboard, although i am exporting all (i would expect per-file settings, not per-artboard).

  • the export folder is not remembered after closing the programm. when clicking the folder icon, i have to navigate one folder up, then enter it again before i can click “select folder”
    -“export All” still names the html after the currently selected artboard, i was expecting it to be the file name.
  • sometimes the formatting is messed up when exporting, i will try to find the cause and make a example file.

overall, still a very useful plugin!

using webexport 2.7.1
xd 21.0.12
windows 10

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Thank you! More improvements are coming in version 3.0.2.

Export Multiple Artboards has been renamed to Export All Artboards in version 3.0.2. There may be a Export Selected Artboards or some combination in the future.

The original version only exported a single artboard. Multiple artboards was added later. It might be possible to have a single project setting. I can look into it.

The folder not being remembered is a limitation of the environment. It has been noted that people would like persistent file references. For now, you’ll have to select the export folder each session.

Examples are helpful!