Unable to view hyperlink states to select them in Element options

Unable to view the hyperlink states names in the dropdown to select them while exporting… can someone share the how to go about for exporting states

Hi pjays23,

Welcome to the forums. The hyperlink states are sort of in development. What it is supposed to be for is when you create a hyperlink to another page or the same page and then you want to show a view in that page or go to an anchor on that page.

So if you had 4 artboards on index.html and your visitor was viewing contact.html then you could link to index page and one of the artboards. But while it was in development Component states came out. There’s also auto animate state information. And there’s also navigating to an anchor on the page. There’s a few more things that could fit under states.

Because states can mean so many things we need to settle on the same definition. What does it mean to you?

My basic Question was that its not showing the states names in the “Hyperlink States” dropdown like it shows for the “Hyperlink” dropdown… When you have more than one artboards… and you link them … and go to element options popup… there it shows all the artboards names in the “Hyperlink” drodpdown to select from… the same doesnt happen with “Hyperlink States” dropdown… Also to answer you question of what states mean… i would like to give an example… kind of if i want to create a custom dropdown state or a accordion style component and show that state on tap…

Correct. The states are not showing the artboards at this time. There was talk to fill it with artboard names and then also show any states in the artboard but more work needs to be done and more research of what people want.

OK. It would be possible to support different states using classes or using a states. Have you seen the MaterializeCSS examples? I’ll see if I can get a few of them published. They have an Accordion component in there but I don’t think it supports states specifically. So it still has to be handled manually. More use cases always help.