Template Settings not being saved with document

Why do the settings I add to the Template dialog not save with the XD document? It’s a real pain to keep adding the markup back into the template every time I want to export the recent changes.

Also, the Export folder location does not always save either, with the XD document.

What version of XD and Web Export are you using?

I’ve just tested and it appears to be working here.

I’m about to post a new WordPress example that will have a template in it. Look for that soon and see if it retains the template value.

One change from previous builds is that after you open any of the Web Export windows you have to save your XD file. Notice that the document will now say “edited” in the name. This is different than previous behavior.

The Export location cannot be saved at this time. It’s a limitation to the plugin environment. You have to select it at least once for every session but it should stay saved for that session. A session lasts as long as you keep the project open.

The Template seems to lose the value at some point inconsistently and I’ve had it happen but don’t know where or how it’s getting reset at this time.

If you are able to reproduce it consistently please post steps to reproduce.

Update: This has been fixed. It will be in the next release

This is most likely an XD version bug. We haven’t updated yet to the latest build of XD. We are way behind here at work. Politics and crap. Using XD version

So if you want to delete this thread or archive it, that might be best to avoid confusing others.

There was a bug where the artboard was getting reset in certain conditions. Glad you reported it! :slight_smile:

That’s the reason to update. The artboard preferences are lost in some cases. :frowning:

The version just released today requires XD 14 to work. So maybe that will help with the politics. The next version, the one after this one, supports sub tag names. I don’t know if it will support version 13 though I’m seeing if it will.

We will be updating XD with the next Adobe update. FINALLY!

Told them I could no longer update your plugin and I am trying to push this plugin as we need a great exporter for the HTML/CSS prototypes we are looking to build. :slightly_smiling_face:

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