Survey: How many places should SVG and style number value places be?

In some of the exports the number of places in the numeric values are pretty long. Is there any reason anyone would have to not truncate them?

Example of values with high number of places:

<div id="Artboard___1">
	<svg class="Rectangle_446">
		<linearGradient spreadMethod="pad" id="LinearGradientFill1" x1="0.6850460171699524" x2="-0.34255293011665344" y1="-0.2674544155597687" y2="1.1650398969650269">
			<stop offset="0" stop-color="#c1b23d" stop-opacity="1"></stop>
			<stop offset="0.4384239912033081" stop-color="#e63a3a" stop-opacity="1"></stop>
			<stop offset="1" stop-color="#3b00ff" stop-opacity="1"></stop>
		<rect fill="url(#LinearGradientFill1)" id="Rectangle_446" rx="12" ry="12" x="0" y="0" width="310" height="300">

Right now it’s truncated down to 3 or 4 places.

In the scale settings the minimum before accidental scroll bars appear is 4 places. In positioning and sizes I’m truncating to 3 places.

Now there’s the offset and opacity.

If you don’t care and the defaults are fine hit the like button or don’t. You have free will.

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