Styles not being saved when using Export Artboards to Page

I have a group of elements as a header.
I am adding css to the element in the Styles input, but the styles are not being added to the html file.

If I add:
to the input, hit close and then choose the “Export Artboards to Page” option, the styles do not get added when I view in browser.

It doesn’t seem to fire off a notice to XD, that something has changed on the document.

I have the Mac XD version
I have the plugin version 1.1.4
Browsers Chrome and FF

Does it work when you choose Export Artboard? If you’d like to post your project or use case you should be able to add it to the discussion.

It works great when exporting to one artboard. I’ll try to come up with some steps to take to replicate what I’m doing. It seems like when you change the Element Options, like adding CSS, after you have already selected the Export To Page option, is when things start to go nuts. Also, on each artboard, even though you have added css to hide the border that automatically gets added(Why?), it seems the second page still retains the border.

I was able to confirm the custom element CSS is not added when exporting multiple artboards.

The border wasn’t there initially and there was an option to disable it but when you had a lot of artboards and the background was white it was difficult to tell the edge of the artboard and the background page. Where are you adding the CSS to hide the border? Custom artboard styles should take priority.

I created an XD file with what I am trying accomplish showing just a header promo text field. I have headers and footers and content in the actual working file but it’s very big.
All the styles I am adding are through the plugin dialog box.

On each artboard, I am just adding border:none;

I attached the file for reference.

export-test.xd (43.9 KB)

XD version 14 is the latest version out currently. Is there anything holding you back from updating? The reason I mention it is that there are a few features that should work better in 14.

It’s a work thing. We will be updating to the latest version as soon as everyone on our teams have access to the Adobe CC license.