Prototype in adobe XD

Does the plugin export all the artboards as it is seen in the preview option in the adobe XD…

Hi Vamshi,

Yes, you can export all artboards at once. The option is now located in the Advanced Screen.

Automatic prototype linking is available in version 3.5.0. It is not yet released.

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Oh cool then when is this (3.5.0) version is going to be released.
I am really in need of this…
Now if I buy the current version then can I update the plugin or not.

It’s going to be released soon…

Yes you can have free upgrades for a year.


Can I export my clickable prototype XD file to an html now? without losing the links?

Hi. It depends on the export type. When you export if you have prototype links setup the links will inherit those links. But XD prototype mode supports different features like voice commands. Some translate and some don’t and some require updates to the XD API to create.

The official video channel shows exporting the UI kits and retaining the prototype links.