Problem with exporting a element with blur effect property

This Happens when i try exporting it and the blur element gets messep up.

Hi Bilal,

What is it supposed to look like?

This supposed to be look like this

I see. That doesn’t look right. I’ll look into it.

Can you do me a favor? Is it object blur or background blur? Can you select the object and screenshot the blur settings you have set in Adobe XD? like this:

Well like this?

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Great! It’s on the to do list.

In the meantime there might be a work around. I’ll see if I can find one.

But it might be to put:

filter: blur(20px)

in the Styles field.

I’ll update this post when I can verify this works.

Awesome in meantime i made this
(website removed)

Thanks for sharing!

At this time I can’t have links to external sites on the forums yet.