Possible to create a sharable / public link?

Hey - I’ve just downloaded Web Export so that I can embed video in my prototype. It wasn’t perfect (not all of my styles were intact), I have tons of questions, but I managed to muck around with it enough to get it to where I’m happy presenting it to the client. The only thing I can’t figure out how to create a sharable link. Is that even possible? Right now it’s just an HTML path to my local.

Thanks! :slight_smile: . Can’t wait to work with this some more

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Hi Annika,

Welcome to the community! :slightly_smiling_face: That’s something we’re looking into but have nothing specific at this time. For now, you have a couple options. If it’s for a project and you have or create a github account you can upload it to github pages.

The second option is if you have a domain name or website uploading it there. Dreamhost is one hosting company. They have some great guides getting your content online.

Go for it! :slight_smile:

hi! Thank you. We do have a github account - i will try that. We tried to export the HTML to upload to our server, but all of the images were missing. It wouldn’t have been hard, but it would have been cumbersome to export all of the images manually and update all of the paths. Or maybe I did something wrong?

The images should be exported during export. Check the export directory and make sure when you upload to your site using FTP software you include the exported html, css and images.

It also may be that the image paths are incorrect in the markup when the page is not in the root path of the domain.

What that means is that if your page is at www.example.com/mypage.html and then the image mentioned at “/image.png” would be located at www.example.com/image.png. If your page is at www.example.com/mydirectory/mypage.html then the image paths are still at www.example.com/image.png because the path is still “/image.png”. They are relative to the domain.

One way you can solve this is by adding a base path to the page. This page describes it:

I’ve been wanting to add more support for custom image paths and exporting to image directory.

So you can export to a different directory or you can have an entry field to add a path to the images.

If you’d like to share a link to your project send a dm and if these are features you need post a feature request. Every feature request is reviewed.