Not all artboards export

I’ve got a 13-artboard XD file (Win10, both XD and WE are fully up to date); 8 of the artboards are HTML pages, and 5 are pop-ups that I want to trigger using SVG icons on the 8 HTML pages.

Despite repeated attempts & going through the documentation thoroughly, WE will only export 2 of the 13 artboards – and it’s always the same artboards.

The only way I have been able to export all 8 artboards has been to move each one to a separate XD file with only that artboard…

I have a ZIP file with relevant screen shots & export settings, but apparently new users can’t add attachments?

This is a deadline project for a client, and fast help would be deeply appreciated.

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Hi Sean,

Welcome to the forums! The Global option and the popup overlay support is still experimental. Pop up support is not supported yet in multiple page export.

So for now we have to do a few things the long way one by one.

Select the overlays that you want and the artboard that you want last (in the future you only have to select the artboard).

Open Web Export and choose "Selected Artboard s " and Single Page Application (uncheck global). Export and then test. You may have to order the overlay above the selected artboard in the layers panel in XD.

If the export works then do this for each page.

This video shows a similar process (but with different options),