Not able to find nor use the Web Export Plugin on my adobe xd - Windows 10

Hi there,

I’ve used adobe xd to create my design and looking around for tool to export as hmtl hence came across Web Export. However after installing the plugin in my Adobe xd I cant find a way to open the plugin. I have also put in a $2 monthly subscription but still not able to locate how to open the Web Export plugin in my Adobe xd. I’m using Windows 10.

Please can you help?

Hi Tolu,

Web Export requires the minimum of Adobe XD version 14 at the time of this post. To use, you need to go to the menu item Plugins > Web Export > Export Artboard.

What version of XD are you using? I have heard that in versions earlier than that the plugin does not show up. I have heard that new versions of Adobe XD may show plugins that require an update.

Your example is for MAC - as /Tolus request this doesn’t work for Win 10. Can you confirm this is the case?

Hi @royabrooks, welcome to the community. It will not show up if it does not meet the minimum version of XD. I’ll double check for Win 10 but also what version of XD do you have?

Ignore… I now have it working. Think it was an XD install glitch

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I had heard that a few times. I’m going to recommend to restart XD in case that might be it.