New Products - Super Resolution, Convert Media and Extract Frames

The following new products will be available soon:

Image Enhancer - Drag and drop a low resolution image onto this app and the image will be enhanced! $24.95 intro price. $49.95 base price later. Video enhancement $49.95 intro price (comes with image enhancement) $99.95 base price later.

Media Converter - Convert media from one format to another. For example, let’s say you drag and drop a video from your wedding onto the media converter (an MP4 video). You can then choose to convert it to audio (an MP3). $24.95 price.

Media Video Frames - Extract the images from a video into a folder or combine images in a folder into a video. $24.95 base price.

Please vote on these products, comment or heart to show interest and platform (Mac or Windows). See linked votes (later today).