Naming the web page title, file name and template

In version 2.2.0 there are additional page name options:

The page title is the title of the web page. In the image below the title of the page is “Wikipedia”:

The page name is the name of the file that is exported. By default the page name is the name of the artboard and the extension is “html” with any special characters that are not allowed as a file name being replaced.

If your artboard is named “Artboard 1” then when you export your exported page name is “Artboard_1.html”.

You can also define your own file name and extension.

In the image below the following would export the artboard to “index.php”:

The template button (far right) opens the more details view where you can see, edit or revert the default page template:

The default template value is shown below:

Defining a custom template: