Is there a Discord server available?


If you don’t know what discord is it’s a chat system where you can talk to other people and collaborate on projects. So I’d suggest getting a Discord server for easier access to support and bug reports.

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Look for something in the next week or so.

Alright thanks

Here is the invitation link:

Here is the channel:

FYI It is not staffed full time at this time but will attempt to respond to questions in a timely manner. We’ll see how it goes :slight_smile:

If no one is in the chat post anyway. I think it sends a notification.

Unfortunately, no email notifications were sent out (or browser notifications) or are sent out when new messages arrived in the channel.

I mentioned it in the channel and I’ll mention it here.

If you join the channel, and it’s not staffed, drop a note here. I don’t understand why Discord doesn’t send emails.

Maybe if they had a “Notify moderator or staff button that would send a message or email”.

Update April 2021
I see it does send out notifications. Not the same as email but they are enabled for new messages now.