I cant see hover or css options in my web export panel. Why?

Different UI

Can someone help me to know why in my Web Export interface I can’t see the HOVER options or see the CSS. Neither selecting an object nor selecting a workbench I can see what in videos and tutorials looks like a more advanced panel of options. Thank you very much.

I want to see this:

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Do you mean the element options panel? To show the panel go to the plug-ins menu > Web Export > Element Options.

Your screen scale might be too large. Try to reduce the screen scale until you can see all the options. Or use the scroll bars to bring the options into view.

Or, you might need to select two items for it to appear.

Thank you for your response @webmaker . I mean I don’t see the hover options in the panel, as shown in this screenshot. In tutorials I have seen how these options appear but I can’t see them.

If I change the scale of the screen, the options of this panel are not modified.

Do you know what the problem is?

I also don’t see the button to open the macros so I can’t use any of the methods to make HOVER.

I also don’t see the blue arrows that you see in the tutorial interfaces to go back and forth over the elements.

That’s why I think the problem is the interface, I don’t know why it doesn’t look the same.

Please, I need your help. I just need to know why I don’t see the HOVER options. After “Markup After”, towards the bottom, I can’t see the options that I did put in the first screenshot of this thread.

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Hmm that doesn’t look right. What operating system and Adobe XD versions are you using?

For the element options panel select the edge and drag it out so it’s wider. See if that shows the export options.

Also, can you open the Plug-in console and check if there are any errors?

Are the selected objects on an artboard or the paste board?

That’s odd. :thinking: It looks like none of the images are showing either. The macros button is an image. If none of above works then can you reinstall the plug-in?

I am using a macOS Big Sur 11.6.5
and XD x64


Finally I see it!!! I had to reinstall the plugin and when loading again I see the whole interface!!!

Thank you very much.

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