Hyperlinks to outside URL not exporting

If I hyperlink to an outside URL it works in preview, but once I export my code, it does not. All links that stay within my site work fine.

Am I missing a step somewhere?


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It sounds like when you run your prototype in Adobe XD the link you created launches but when you export the web it does not?

Is hyperlinks a new feature?

Let’s look at the code.

  1. select the layer that has the hyperlink
  2. open the element options panel
  3. click the show markup button

That should show you what is being exported. It should have a hyperlink value in there.

However, if hyperlinks are a new feature in XD it may not.

In that case, you may need to add it manually.

  1. open the element options panel
  2. enter the URL in the hyperlink field

If you are using a text field and only want to add a hyper link to a specific word use the text replace / text token option.