How to remove borders on the side of the page

Hi 007JamesBond8, welcome to the forums!

Can you provide more details? What version of XD are you using? When you use the centering option the page is centered in the browser. If the page is smaller than the available browser width or height there is space on the sides.

The new version of Web Export there is a new Scale to width option. This will scale the artboard up or down to fit all available space.

Here’s a preview:

To remove the margin on the sides:

  • turn off Horizontal Centering
  • turn on Enable scale up with Scale to width

I’m on the latest version of XD fresh install and on windows 10.

Will the scale to width option be out soon?

Yes. It’s in the release process.


It’s available now. Select the artboard and in the Export Artboard dialog set the Scale option to Scale to width and check Scale on resize. You may also need to set the horizontal and vertical positioning. Resize the browser and test to get the behavior you want.

If you have any issues or feedback let me know.