Hosting HTML Help!

I have exported my XD project following the responsive tutorial. If I open the HTML file on chrome. It’s works perfectly fine. But when I uploaded that file to netlify and cloudflare pages to host it, neither of them worked. They both gave me 404 errors. Can someone help?

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Hi I apologize I somehow missed this. What it sounds like is that the files were not uploaded to the correct location OR that the URL you are using is incorrect.

On some servers you must have exact case name to see the page. So if your artboard is “MyPage” and you type “mypage.html” which is all lowercase the website might not know that they are the same thing.

If you only have one page you can name it “Index.html” and then you don’t need to enter the name of the webpage in the URL, only the domain name or directory.

Contact nelify or cloudflare and have them verify that the pages have been uploaded to the correct location and that the URLs are correct. They should be able to do this for you.