Having problems with export

Hey! Basically I am trying to export my WebFolio and it is not working weel because it has a bar to scroll horizontal. It has the meta tag to fit the dispostive width but it does not fit the dispositive width, it is a litle bigger.
I exported like the photo. My only problem is how to take out that horizontal bar?

And here is the horizontal bar, in the botton

Hi Nogueira1306,

I have seen that once before and I do not remember what was the reason for it but you can manually turn off horizontal scroll bar.

In the Properties panel you can adjust this with the Overflow option:


Select the artboard and set the overflow to Vertical Scroll bars if needed. Or choose the option that best fits your need.

This property adjusts the CSS overflow property mentioned here:


You can also add CSS styles in the artboard to control the overflow, overflow-x and overflow-y property.

It looks like it might be caused by the scaling the width and vertical scrollbars. If you’d like to post the artboard that reproduces the problem I can submit it as a bug report.

One other thing, please check if JavaScript is enabled on the page.