Future feature suggestion - Images export reduction

In some Web Export example projects, the same image is used in different places and on different artboards and this results in multiple exports of essentially the same image.

Is this a problem for anyone?

If so I have 3 ideas.

  • Give images an option to point to any other images in a project. For a duplicate image you would be able to select it from a drop down for each image on the Element Properties panel.
    So if you have three images and two are the same you could select the second image instance and say, “Image 2 is the same as image 1”. And then Image 2 would set its src to Image1.png.

  • If you want to refer to the same image in separate places you would create a component with the image in it and then make new instances of the component. Then, during export, image components would all refer to the same exported image.

  • finally, and this one might be a longer ways out, would be a check box option during export to “automatically reuse images if they are exactly the same image”. So during export all the images would be compared and if there are duplicates the duplicates would point to the original.