Does WebExport effectively turn XD into a web publishing tool?


I use Adobe Muse and really liked a lot of the XD features for web/app designs but came to learn it’s only a prototyping tool. I build small portfolio websites for my own personal creative work, I don’t need another step in the process and I don’t want to learn Dreamweaver.

So I ask the Velara 3 hive mind… does this plugin turn XD into a web design/publishing tool, bypassing the need for Dreamweaver?

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Hi Brandon,

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Does WebExport effectively turn XD into a web publishing tool?

Some people like to code by hand, some people like to use editors like Dreamweaver and some use a combination of hand coding and tools. From feedback, discussions and feature requests it appears to be a mix of all of that.

I’d rather use something like XD and publish a site from the design, code in an external editor and to link to that JS file.

One of the official goals of Web Export is to be able to author a web page or a web site from within XD.

In my opinion it’s a work in progress but it’s getting there. The playlist below shows a sort of history:

Recently the documentation has been completely rewritten.

In the next few releases you’ll see some support for Behavior Blocks (name subject to change).

So like other web publishing tools you’ll have a way to “drop in” functionality into your projects and reuse that later. You can add what isn’t supported using the elements panel and markup inside (similar to innerHTML).

FYI I’m the lead developer.