Display video at the correct size wanted

I try to insert a video in my landing page.
I draw a rectangle of 1872 width and 500 height. I want my video dispayed in the same size of my rectangle. (The video is larger normally)
in the markup inside property I insert the command :
Ici la description alternative

The video is displayed ok but not in the width and height I want (it displays smaller and not aligned at the top left of my rectangle)

You might have to set the width and height in the code to 100%.

There is an example for a YouTube project here.

You can also look at the code in the images here:

Unfortunatly that still doesn’t work in my context.

Is it a YouTube video or another video by itself? Can you make a quick example project (copy and paste)? You can zip it up and send it as a private message.

I have desinstall the plugin and reinstall with the latest version of the plugin and I don’t have the problem anymore. The sizes I put in the markup inside code are taken into account now.