Can I Export Both Media Queries and "Single Page Application"?

Hi everyone,

I need a responsive website but I also want a pop out menu. Can I only have one? If not, how can I export in a way that give me both a responsive website and a pop out menu.

Thanks in advance!!

Hi Wulu,

What do you mean pop out menu?

like a hamburger menu I guess. slide out, pop out, whatever the name for it is. where you click on the icon or 3 bars and the menu slides or pops out?

Yeah you can do that now. There are a few bug fixes with that in the next release.

There will be a video and guide when this is released. I have a working example project too.

Basically, create a new artboard that is your pop up (overlay). Then go into prototype mode and link to the artboard and set the XD option to overlay. Then include the overlay artboard when you export.