All others problems at once

I have all the other’s problems on export to HTML-CSS at once, even after the last update
here is the list:
1-none of horizontal scrolls works and the stand to the top of pages
2-links works on prototype mode but on export, there isn’t anything!
3-what happens to my hovers!!! don’t work too…
4-h need to create some index menu but the plugin doesn’t support it !!
5-animations are dead! really dead
6-let my header go away!! why its hang on top while I expected to scroll !!
nothing works correctly
I was looking for a miracle on your last update but You disappointed me.

Hi 2nimationbox,

I’ll reply to each item,

  1. I do not understand (please post an example project or steps to reproduce).
  2. For links to specific artboards to work you must export as single page application or export multiple pages. See
  3. You can manually add hovers but automatically using hovers do not work because XD does not allow some API calls to read the hovers (component states) and because Web Export doesn’t yet support pure prototype export mode because the API is missing features to achieve that. You can share a document via Share option in XD and see hovers.
  4. Pop ups have more support in the latest release 5.2.0 and you can test it using the examples (link to follow)
  5. Animations aren’t supported because of same problems in item 3.
  6. If your header is stuck to the top it might have fixed scrolling option on. Check the XD property inspector.
  1. I’m trying to upload my project for you but it says new users can’t upload attachments.
  2. I knew it but it isn’t as easy as a prototype mode
  3. manually hover mode works only on single items separately, it doesn’t work on a group for buttons or a dozen of vectors for scrolling animations
  4. I used hover mode to create an index menu on the page background because popups aren’t very popular on these type of websites
  5. it is ok
  6. the fixed position when scrolling item is checked, but still my header doesn’t move when I scroll down, in prototype mode it works well.

p.s. if I could upload my project for you perhaps you could check it on your XD prototype and check it on export and find out my difficulties.

thanks for your attention

  1. You should be allowed to upload the project now. You can upload to a private message if you like.
  2. It should inherit prototype mode links. If it does not that may be a bug.
  3. Correct. You have to manually add hover to each item. You can make a hover class and then assign that class to each item that has hover. I’ve updated the example guide for this here and here.
  4. OK if you can show an example that might help (but it may not be possible to get hover prototype info yet)
  5. The fixed position should be unchecked if you want it to scroll with the page. If this is counter intuitive let me know.