Adding Keyboard Shortcuts to Web Export menu items

Follow the steps below to add keyboard shortcuts to a plugin

  1. Open the System Preferences window by clicking on the Apple icon and then choosing System Preferences

  2. Open the Keyboard settings

  3. Select the App Shortcuts and click the Add Shortcut button

  4. In the App shortcut dialog select Adobe XD CC in the Application list

  5. Enter the name of the menu item in the Menu Title field and then in the Keyboard Shortcut box press the keys you want to use for a shortcut on your keyboard. Make sure the menu names are exactly the same including upper case and lower case letters.

    Here is what I have set for shortcuts:

    Remember, the menu items are case sensitive. For the next release the menu items will be:

  • Export Artboard
  • Export Artboards to Page
  • Element Options
  • Export Last Artboard
  • Support forums

When you’ve set these you can verify them by switching back to XD and looking for shortcut keys in the menu items

is there a way to add shortcuts on Windows?

i dont think there is a corresponding System feature

I can add shortcuts to the plugin but the reason I haven’t is that a few of them conflict with other existing plugins keyboard shortcuts. I’ll check into it.

It looks like you can setup shortcut keys on Windows 10 with AutoHotkey.

You will need to use the [WinMenuSelectItem] ( command.

I’ll be adding an guide to this. I can also add this feature if people want it. Someone needs to create a feature request and get a few votes on it.

Keyboard shortcuts should be available by default in todays release 2.2.2 or the next one 2.2.4.

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