Web Export version 3.2.0 - Release Notes

Update: 3.2.0 is in the release process. It includes the 3.1.0 features below and 3.2.0 features mentioned below:

Version 3.1.0 Features:

  • Added Text tokens - find and replace text in a text field with your own values (more)
  • Added current version to support dialog
  • Adding component class name to components - when exporting a component the component name is added as a class (Adding roll over effects)
  • Added CSS preference to change the intervale that refresh pages is called. Use --web-refresh-interval in a stylesheet.
  • Added fix for bug when opening dialog from panel and properties not saved
  • Added initial support for linear and radial gradients on the artboard

Known Issues

  • If artboards have the same name and you export to a single page then both are displayed. To fix change the artboard name or enter in a unique id for the artboard in the element options.

Important Update:

  • It looks like you can’t erase text from text inputs in the Element Options panel in Windows. Still looking into this. If you are using Windows and it works for you then do not upgrade at this time. This does not affect OSX.
  • There are dropdown lists in the Element Options view that are not visible when using Windows. They are there if you click them them but they are not visible.
  • Update: These issues addressed in 3.2.0 below

Version 3.2.0 Features:

  • Fixed Launcher page and copy to clipboard not working
  • Added server option - Enter your server url and the new link is shown after export. For example, if you enter “http://localhost/” in the server field and your artboard is named “MyArtboard” a link will be shown after export that you can click on to open your browser to, “http://localhost/MyArtboard.html”. A check server button is available to check the server is running.
  • Fixed dropdown buttons in the element panel not visible on Windows.
  • Fix text input values not removed in element options when you cleared the field (mentioned above)
  • Added group layout button in the element panel to distribute and align from panel
  • Added copy url link, open url link and open host link to export panel area
  • Fixed export on update not showing correct option when panel is hidden then shown again
  • Changed default option for group item spacing to start
  • If using quick export and panel is open then links are shown in the panel and not a notification dialog
  • Fixed items being export when marked for export was false

Known Issues

  • The group item alignment icon is not visible on windows.
  • Opening the element options while the panel is open sometimes shows an empty dialog. Reload the plugin (CMD + SHIFT + R) or go into the Plugins > Development > Reload plugins

Note if you encounter any issues do two things, log a bug here and reload the plugin.