Web Export 6.1.0 - November II Release

The 6.0.0 release is still pending approval and it’s likely 6.1.0 will be released before it.

The 6.1.0 release adds:

  • Multiple selection support for a few properties
  • Removed navigation buttons from element dialog
  • Reduced height of element panel
  • Made element panel rows wrap
  • Fixed bug where help link did not open up documentation
  • Fixed bugs preventing images working well with HTML template
  • Added image source path to HTML template tokens

Multiple Selection Support
This means you can select multiple layers and then change properties in the element panel and the values will be applied to all selected layers. The element label will now show how many additional objects are selected.

The properties you can change are tag names, styles, and classes.


The last item selected shows it’s properties. To update all elements enter a new value or if the field is already filled remove the old value and then enter a new value (or reenter the old value).

Image Template Tokens
Use the tokens IMAGE_SOURCE and IMAGE_SOURCE_SET to include the export path to the images when using HTML template on an element. See the template example for more info.