Overlay just work in one page after exporting (index.html)

i want to ask, so i have problem
i have 3 overlay (menu_allmenu.html, menu_chart.html, menu_product.html), so im already made overlay to index.html, product.html, sectors.html and many more, but when im exported that, overlay just work in index.html only and other page cant, what should i do?
please help me

Hi Hafidzm,

Welcome to the forums! It could be many issues. When you export an artboard with a pop up you must also select the pop up to be included with the export.

You may need to export each page separately. Look at the settings on the index.html page and then see what is different on the settings on the product.html page.

There is a pop up example here,

Here is how to select multiple artboards and multiple pop ups


I noticed a weird case where the pop ups were not exported to the page. I got it to work and don’t know how. I’m not sure the cause but reload the plugin and reopen the Export Artboard Dialog and try again. You may need to restart XD. Make sure to select all pop ups and open the dialog and select Single Page Application. After export check that the pop ups are in the page HTML code.