Export Presentation with video


I had creat a project who’s composed on a panel of a video.
When I try to export the project as html web page, Video does not appear.
Could you please help me to find the option on the setting for that ?


Hi there,
It’s holiday season so sorry for the delay. There is an example of video in the examples. I’ll add a link here. If the video is in Adobe XD then you will probably have to do more work. I don’t know if XD supports video yet but I know people have asked for it. If it does then you will have to place the video in the export directory and copy the video example.

Scroll through to the examples to find video and then follow the instructions written in the project:

any chance we get a more precise answer since Adobe XD now support videos (MP4) ?
I got an error every time I try to export a simple artboard with only a video on it :
“Element type not found: Exporter for element “Video” named “printemps” is not found. Exporting as path”

“printemps” is the name of the video component in the project.

What am I supposed to do here ?

Thanks for your help.

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This feature will be looked at for the next release. In the mean time, you may look at the video example project as a starting point. Please post any questions you may have.